What is the (gross) price customers pay and is there a minimum price?

The price you specify when adding a new product on the products page is the final price (inclusive tax) to be paid upon checkout. Your net revenue therefore depends on which country buyers come from and whether they are buying as private or commercial customers.
Digital products are usually taxed in the country where the buyer is located. Due to this, very different tax rates may apply to each purchase given the tax settings you enabled in your Tentary account.
To make it as straight forward as possible, we have decided that the final price (inclusive tax) is the one that is added during product setup. This way, customers always see the same price and only the tax amount varies. Otherwise, some very odd prices would be displayed.

Is there a minimum price for products?

Products you sell through Tentary have a minimum price of one dollar. With this minimum price, we make sure that all payment methods work smoothly. The minimum price for most other currencies is also 100 cents (e.g. 1 Canadian dollar, 1 British pound). The only exception is currently Danish kroner. Here, a minimum price of 7 kroner applies.
Alternatively, you can also offer free products.
If a price between one and 99 cents is specified during the creation of a product, the price will automatically be adjusted to one dollar/euro. Furthermore, in the case that the price of a product, due to the application of a voucher, decreases below one dollar/euro during the checkout process, it will also be adjusted to one dollar/euro.
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