Set up a custom domain for your shop

With Tentary you can create a shop page where all your products and other additional information, like your social media links, are displayed. To personalize your shop, you can either make it available under a subdomain of (example: or under your own (sub)domain (example:

In this article, we will show you how to configure your own domain for use with Tentary.

Custom domain setup

Note: The configuration takes about 5 minutes and requires technical knowledge. Incorrect DNS settings can cause your domain to be unreachable.
The order is also important: first set up your DNS records with your domain provider, and only then make the changes in your Tentary account.
  1. You own a domain
  2. You have access to the administration of the domain
Log in to your domain provider and go to the appropriate page to manage the DNS settings of your domain. Then enter the respective DNS entries, either for option A or B, and save.

Option A – Main-Domain (Example:

Name Type Value
@ URL Redirect

Option B – Sub-Domain (Example:

Name Type Value
example CNAME

After successfully setting up the DNS records, go back to your Tentary account and open the shop settings. Select the "Custom domain" option and enter your domain in the corresponding field. Make sure to save the changes afterward.

After saving, it can take up to 24 hours for your setting to become active. If you have configured your DNS settings correctly, a green check mark should confirm the correct configuration after a while. To manually check the status of your domain again, click on "Check status".

The setup of your own domain is now complete. Don't forget to activate your shop page via the "Site is public" option.

Hints and frequently asked questions

I don't have my own domain, what can I do?
You can buy a domain from various providers on the Internet. So far, we have had good experiences with Namecheap (
How does the DNS configuration work with my domain provider?
Most providers provide instructions on how their DNS entries work and can be changed. Here are links to the instructions of the most popular domain providers:
What about SSL encryption? Is my site secure?
We automatically create and set up an SSL certificate for each domain. Thus, your pages are protected and buyers can safely shop with you.
Issues with Cloudflare proxies
If you use Cloudflare for your domains, you will have to disable the Cloudflare Proxy for the domain you want to use with Tentary. Due to a technical limitation, it is currently not possible to use this feature for domains that are connected to a site on our platform.
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