Setting up the shop page

In the following article, we will introduce the shop page and go through the steps of setting it up. The shop page displays all your active products and other additional information and links that you specify.

Shop setup

To set up your shop page, first log in to your Tentary account and navigate to the shop page. On the following page, you can add content to your shop page and set other preferences.
Domain settings
You have two options to make your shop available. The easiest way is to use a subdomain of Just enter your desired name in the "URL" field. Your shop will be available under the selected subdomain after saving (example:
Alternatively, you can use your own domain. The configuration of this is a bit more extensive and requires technical knowledge. Go to instructions.


In this section, you can add a title and a description and optionally upload a banner image and profile picture for your shop page.
If you have other profiles or pages on social media sites, you can also link them via the corresponding fields. The links will then be shown on your shop page, including the respective logos.
The appearance of the shop page depends, among other things, on which areas (title, description, social media links, etc.) you have filled in. The layout and colors are controlled via the design page, just like the actual sales pages.
Activate shop page
To make your shop page visible to others, check the "Site is public" option and save. Only then can your shop be accessed by your customers.
Hide products from your shop page
To hide a product from your shop, go to the products page and open the product. Then check the option "Do not show product on my shop pages" and save.
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