Customize the design of your sales pages

You can customize the look of your sales pages to fit your products and target audience.

Customize design

First log in to your Tentary account and then go to the design page. On the design page you have the option to select a base layout and make adjustments to the font, button design and link colors.

Change the page layout

You can change the layout of your sales pages anytime. This layout specifies the basic structure of your page. We will add new layouts in the future.

Change the font

Change button design and color

Your changes will be visible after saving. By clicking the "Reset" button, you can return to the default settings.


The design settings affect the appearance of all your sales, payment and download pages. To preview all these pages, edit one of your published products and click on the respective preview links ( see chapter "Test your product").
Note: The design area is under constant development and new options are added regularly.
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