Upload and organize product files

If you decide to make your product available as downloadable files to your buyers, you have several options on how to upload and organize them.

Upload files

When you create a new product in your Tentary account, the option to sell file(s) is selected by default (the slider in the top right of the screenshot). Using the "Upload files" button, you can upload an unlimited number of files from your computer or smartphone and add them to your product. Your files will be stored securely and for free on our servers.
For larger files, a progress bar will be displayed, so you can see how long the upload will take. 

Change file names and add descriptions

In the screenshot below, you can see two uploaded files. By clicking on the pencil icon, you can edit your files. You can change the name and add a description. Both will be displayed to buyers on the download page after a successful purchase.

Descriptions are useful if your files need explanation or if you want to provide additional information.

Sorting files and organizing them into folders

If you have uploaded multiple files, you can easily drag and drop them to bring them into your desired order.

Products with many files, or products with multiple logical sections/chapters, can be organized using folders. Click the "New folder" button to add a folder to your product. You can move folders, rename them, add a description and add files with drag-and-drop.

Adding text paragraphs

You can add as many text paragraphs to your product as you want. To do so, click the "Add Text" button. A text section will then be added to your product, which you can drag and drop to the desired location.
Text sections include various formatting options (headings, lists, bold, italics, etc.) and can be used to add additional information and explanations to your product.

Uploading videos

Videos can be uploaded using the standard file upload. Our system automatically detects that it is a video and converts it to various formats so that it can be streamed by buyers.
Click here for more information about videos on Tentary.
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