Video hosting and streaming

In order for your buyers to watch (stream) videos online, the video files usually need to be converted into different formats first. With Tentary, this is done automatically and at no additional cost.

Uploading videos

Videos can be uploaded using the regular file upload. Our system automatically detects that it is a video and converts it to various formats so that it can be streamed.
This conversion may take a few minutes for larger videos. In the meantime, your video will not be available. Use the product preview to check if your video is ready.

Video formats

We support all popular video formats, but we especially recommend the following formats due to their good quality: MP4, MKV, WEBM.
Videos are streamed in two resolutions:
  • SD: 480p
  • HD: 1080p
Resolutions higher than 1080p are automatically compressed. 4K streaming will be added in the future.

Video protection

Your videos are safe with us. Our streaming technology automatically protects your videos from being downloaded. It also prevents unauthorized sharing and embedding of your videos on other sites.

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